Welcome to Two Sheeps LLC! We are thrilled to share our inaugural products, including the 2021 Calendar: A Celebration of Independent Yarn Dyers!

For the past several months, we have been collaborating with 12 amazing yarn dyers from the US and Canada to prepare this beautiful calendar!

Just as exciting: Each photograph shows an exclusive colorway that each dyer has created and that you can purchase only through twosheeps.com!

Two Sheeps LLC has purchased a limited volume of each colorway, and will sell them starting on the first day of each dyer’s calendar month.

See the chart below for more information on each dyer, their exclusive colorways, and the yarn bases.

 January 2021 Wedgewood Fibers Countdown to Midnight
 February 2021 Ex Libris Fibers Starkfield
 March 2021 Siren Fiber Arts Dulaman
 April 2021 Mitchell's Creations Sweet Nothings
 May 2021 KnittinBro Under the Sea
 June 2021 Kim Dyes Yarn Summer Nightscape
 July 2021 LolaBean Yarn Co Summer Madness
 August 2021 Speckled Finch Studios Tranquility
 September 2021 Twisted Willow Yarn Skyfall
 October 2021 Dyetastic Witching Hour
 November 2021 Ewetopia November Skies
 December 2021 Earl Grey Yarn Company Get Cozy


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